The Effect of Applying Adhesive Powder and Cream of Denture on Dentures Wearers' Masticatory Function


  • Hussein Abuzgyaia Department of Removable Prosthodontics, Faculty of Dentistry, Al Marqab University, Libya.


Complete Denture, Adhesive Powder, Adhesive Cream, Masticatory, Retention


Background and aims. Edentulous can be treated by making complete dentures. Full dentures are made to replace lost teeth and their supporting tissue. The purpose of this study was to assess how adhesive powder and cream affect mastication efficiency in denture wearers. Methods. Patients with dentures without denture adhesive are instructed to chew gum that has been provided for half minutes with normal chewing and then place the gum in a container that has been provided, Patients with denture adhesive are told to apply denture adhesive material powder and cream to the denture before it is placed in the mouth, and then chew gum for half minute with regular chewing and then deposit the gum in a container sup-plied. Results. The patients who used adhesive cream of denture had the greatest mean value, suggesting that they had higher mastication efficiency than those who did not use denture adhesive or adhesive powder of denture. However, there was no statistic significant difference in mastication efficiency when adhesive cream and powder of denture were used. (p>0,15). Conclusion. Adhesive cream of denture is recommended for usage in instances when denture adhesive is required to improve mastication effi-ciency.




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