Reviewer Guidelines

Reviewer Guidelines

In order to provide readers with free access to worthwhile scientific research, LMJ founded its Open Access journal. All of the content that we publish at AJMAS is held to the highest academic standards. Before a manuscript is finally accepted for publication, the peer review process is intended to evaluate its originality, validity, and general quality.

Reviewers contribute to the integrity of the publishing process by preventing the publication of works that are plagiarized, of low quality, or otherwise inappropriate.

The Reviewer

Peer review is essential for preserving the caliber and reliability of academic and scientific research. LMJ wholeheartedly endorses the peer review procedure and values the contributions that reviewers make to a journal's accomplishments. Reviewers are chosen based on their expertise in their respective fields, and depending on how much they contribute to their journal, they might be offered a more prestigious position. Before a manuscript is accepted for final publication, reviewers are tasked with giving it honest feedback and criticism.


The Peer review process

Peer review is double-blind in LMJ journal. When manuscript is accepted for peer review, neither the reviewers nor the authors are made aware of the author's name, contact information, or affiliations. Each manuscript is evaluated for accuracy, originality, and completion by reviewers.

Some Important Notes

  • Reviewers should be able to judge a paper's overall quality.
  • Reviewers offer comments and ideas for improvement rather than editing the content of the manuscript.
  • During the peer review process, reviewers must maintain their anonymity and confidentiality; they are not allowed to get in touch with the author without the Editor-in-Chief of the journal's approval.
  • If you have any concerns about an author's or reviewer's ethics or behavior, you should contact the journal's editor in chief.
  • Any inquiries regarding the moral behavior of authors or reviewers should be addressed to the journal's editor-in-chief.
  • The origin, nationality, race, gender, ethnicity, religion, or political views of the author should never have any bearing on the Reviewer's decisions.
  • The only criteria for evaluation are the truthfulness and excellence of the information provided.